UV curing lamps


Alpha-Cure is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medium pressure UV lamps. These lamps are used  in numerous industrial UV  applications  such as:

  • label and packaging printing;
  • automotive & electronics components, glass & plastic bonding;
  • disinfection of water, other liquids, surfaces, packaging & air
  • coating & finishing – woodworking, marble, glass
  • metal & plastic decorating – cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cans

Alpha-Cure offers the widest range of original and replacement UV lamps for all types of systems. They can create replacement lamps from samples sent in by customers from around the world. Custom lamps range in power from 80 watts per cm up to 550 watts per cm, and up to 4 metres in arc length.

Lipnus also offers Alpha-Cure brand UV system reflectors and IR (infrared) lamps. IR lamps like UV lamps are widely used and highly valued in many different applications and industrial processes. IR lamps are used in:

  • PET manufacturing;
  • Print drying. In the case of print drying, infrared may be more suitable than UV curing for some inks and substrates;
  • Domestic/commercial heating;
  • Curing and bonding;
  • Plastic welding;

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