Anilox cleaning

Accu-Graphic system.

Since September 2000 UAB Lipnus provides a deep anilox rollers‘ cleaning service in Lithuania using the Accu-Graphic system. This system makes it possible to clean your anilox cells up to their bottom and completely restore ink transfer. In this way, the print quality is fully restored.

Cleaning is done with Accu-graphic 2400 COMBI. This unit can clean all types of anilox rollers (ceramic, steel, chrome, copper, as well as monolithic) up to 2400 mm in length and 400 mm in diameter.

The entire cleaning process takes place mechanically by the Accu-Graphic 2400 COMBI, in accordance with the technology that is determined by your roller parameters. Since the cleaning process is controlled mechanically, the rotational speed of the roller remains constant throughout the cleaning cycle, as is the speed of the spray gun movement along the roller. In this way, the surface of the roller is cleaned evenly, avoiding mechanical damage that can be done manually. The roller is cleaned with a mixture of compressed air and a special soda. Soda pellets at high speed blow onto the surface of the anilox by removing ink residues to the bottom of the lattice. Soda pellets are hard enough to break the ink film on the remaining roller surface, but soft enough not to damage the surface. The air pressure is determined by the linearity of the roller and from which material it is made.

Cleaning time does not have any limits. The roller is cleaned until it is completely cleaned. Cleaning a single 800 mm shaft takes about 20 minutes. This shows that cleaning takes place fast enough to minimize the time spent by our customers. Before and after cleaning, visual inspection of the roller is performed, with a microscope specially designed for this purpose, so that at the same time the customer can see not only the difference before and after cleaning but also the general condition of the surface of the anilox rollers.

The Accu-Graphic system uses a specially designed soda for washing anilox rollers with Accu-Graphic blast media. This type of soda is the main ingredient in the production of toothpaste. This means that this chemical is completely harmless to health. Water is used during rollers‘ washing. Sprayed soda blends immediately and dissolves in it. As a technological waste, only this solution of water and soda is released into the environment, and such a chemical mixture has almost no harmful effects on the environment. This technology won the European Nature Conservation Award in 1998 as an eco-friendly technology.

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