Outdoor/indoor advertisement

Glass decorating film will provide cosiness to your home or office!

Glass decorating advantages:

  1. Practical – easy to clean because of its flat surface;
  2. Fantasy freedom – client creates the desired print;
  3. Privacy;
  4. Security.

Maybe you want to attract more customers or plan your promotional campaign and want to present it in innovative way?

We produce colored inscriptions, logos and colorful posters on film and paper for showcases and showrooms. We print photos and photo wallpapers on white or transparent film, even on dusted effect film. We apply the décor or advertising onto windows, showcases, walls and other surfaces. Plottering various graphicdesigns from PVC films.
Films used for advertisement are of the highest quality, gloss or matt. Our official materials‘ suppliers:

  • Ritrama S.p.A.
  • Aslan, Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG