About us

Founded in 1996, today Lipnus is one of the leading suppliers of polygraphic materials, films for advertising and sing making, equipment for printing companies in Baltic States and Belarus.

In 2017, Lipnus expanded its operations and boldly entered the construction sector. Both in Lithuania and abroad, this area is rapidly growing and flourishing, so our task is to supply high-quality construction materials to foreign construction companies. Although, we are in this business for a short time, but with the help of an ambitious and skilled team, we believe in achieving the best results.

Our mission is to provide high-quality construction and printing materials, services and professional complex solutions as well as equipment for printing companies, both in Lithuania and in neighboring countries, using our innovative ways of working and colaborating with the world’s leading material producers.

Lipnus supply:

  • Flexographic printing inks;
  • digital printing machines;
  • equipment for postprinting work;
  • equipment for hot stamping foil;
  • anilox sleeves;
  • printing cylinders;
  • cutting dies;
  • UV anf IR curing lamps, reflectors;
  • printing doctor blades;
  • screen printing inks
  • screen printing auxiliaries;
  • screen printing mesh;
  • advertising and sign making materials;
  • construction materials;
  • commercial fully-electric vehicles.

The company also provides various services:

  • production of silk-screen frames;
  • tretching of silk-screen mesh;
  • cleaning of anilox rollers;
  • digital printing services;
  • wide-format printing services;
  • graphic design services;
  • creating and displaying advertising on various surfaces – buildings, their facades, walls, windows, showcases, vehicles, etc.