Alke Srl, an Italian company that has been successfully operating for more than 25 years, is active in the commercial segment of the full range of specialty electric vehicles and offers universal power units that are successfully sold in more than 40 markets worldwide. Organic, maximally maneuverable, quiet running, cost effective and efficient Alke ‘Srl production electric vehicles are widely used and proven in logistics, industry, tourism / entertainment, public and other business sectors. Specalty electric vehicles are the future solution for your business needs.

In the public sector:

  • waste collection;
  • environmental management;
  • snow cleaning; salt spreading;
  • repair work;
  • watering work.


  • mail and parcel delivery;
  • last kilometer logistics;
  • frozen food delivery service;
  • cargo delivery.


  • in warehouses;
  • industrial premises;
  • airports, sea and river ports;
  • train, bus stations;
  • in the food industry – refrigerators.

In the tourism and entertainment sector:

  • in parks, golf courses;
  • beaches, resort areas;
  • hotel areas;
  • reservations;
  • waste collection;
  • people / personal belongings transportation.

You can view the presentation of the Alke ‘Srl Specialty electric vehicles here

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